Why Use Cloud Storage?

Using Cloud Storage to Backup your Data

Cloud storage is an online storage facility.  It is a simple idea that makes storing and accessing your most important information a breeze.  It makes accessing your files, photos and music over multiple devices easy.

Getting started is easy, most cloud storage providers offer you a free allowance and if you require more space you can then pay a fee.

Some of the most popular cloud storage services are:

  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive
  • LiveDrive
  • SugarSync
  • SkyDrive
  • Mozy
  • Amazon Cloud Drive

Accessing and Backing up files through Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is relatively simple.  Instead of saving files to you PC or backing up to an external hard drive you can save them in the cloud instead.

You are then able to access them from any computer by logging into your cloud account with you chosen provider.  You can then access your files through multiple devices meaning if you update a file on one of your devices, you will see the changes over all your devices.

Most of the cloud storage providers use sync folders.  If you drag a file into one of your sync folders on your PC it will automatically appear in your sync folder on another device.

One of the easiest Cloud Storage services like Dropbox let you back up thousands of files online.  They give you a 2GB free allowance which may not be enough to backup all your data but if you backup your most important files it’s a great way of getting free storage.

Peace of Mind for your Files

When it comes to your laptop or PC nothing is more important than the data you have saved on your hard drive.

One of the most common parts to fail in a PC or laptop is the hard disk drive.  Meaning you could potentially lose your important data if you don’t back it up.

By using cloud storage to backup your files instead, they are saved in a secure location.  Even if you laptop gets stolen you will still be able to access your original files from a new computer.

You can also use cloud storage to transfer files from your iPhone or Smartphone by simply downloading the app from your chosen cloud storage provider.  This allows you then to upload your pictures/files through your internet connection into the cloud storage where you can then access them from your other devices.

Cloud storage is a great solution for backing up your files or simply moving files between your different machines. As always at Larne Computers we would recommend that if something is important to you that you should keep multiple copies of it.  Therefore using cloud storage is a great idea.  For more advice please call into Larne Computers where someone will be happy to help.

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