Satellite Technology – Broadband

Satellite technology and the benefits that come with it have been around us all for many years in both our business and homes environments

Sky TV, live sporting events, shopping, News  etc  we all have become accustomed and enjoy the services at the touch of a button.

In the business sector benefits including faster and secure data systems, information services, business TV, remote monitoring to mention but a few.

These days another use for Satellite technology is finding its way into our living rooms and office’s, Satellite Delivered Broadband.

Satellite delivered Broadband means your internet service comes into your home or business via a satellite dish and not on a telephone line that is the usual manner in most cases.

A huge advantage of Satellite delivered broadband is for those of us in rural locations and indeed sometimes not so rural that do not have access to a high speed broadband network.

Satellite delivered Broadband gives those same people the opportunity to have a service with realistic working speeds that they otherwise would not have.

Download speeds of 20kbps and upload speeds of 6kbps are achievable from some of the current operators with data packages starting from 5GB per month to 150GB per

With these sort of figures Satellite delivered Broadband could be a solution for many individuals and business in the community especially in the more rural and remote locations.

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