The Keylogger Virus a Variation of Cryptolocker

We have just come across a PC with the latest variant of a ransomware virus (Keylogger).

The latest virus making the rounds is called Keylogger a variation of Cryptolocker. Keylogger like Cryptolocker encrypts your data with a one-way algorithm which mathematically cannot be reversed. If you don’t pay the ransom within the timeframe, the only key to your data is gone, kaput, goodbye.

You can’t restore your data by removing the Ransomeware, because removing the virus doesn’t decrypt the data. No tech support person in the world can decrypt it for you because it’s simply not possible without the key.

Although it’s usually a Windows virus, like all viruses it can be transmitted via Macs and it has now evolved onto mobile devices such as android tablets and phones.

To avoid these viruses it is important to keep your antivirus up to date although this does not always protect you.  The hackers have found ways of by passing some antivirus programs.  It is important to BACK UP YOUR DATA.  Turn your Computer off at night (most attacks happen overnight).  Unplug or remove any backup device when not in use.  These viruses can encrypt all files on all devices attached to your computer.

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