Java is Unsafe

The company that makes Java (Oracle) has been forced to confess publicly that their Java Plugin leaves users at risk of Malware. In America the Federal Trade Commission has forced Oracle to display a security warning on its website and also post warnings on Twitter and Facebook for any links to it. One of the main problems with Java is that updates did not remove earlier versions of Java which were left unpatched.  This left security flaws that hackers could have exploited. My advice is if you do not require Java uninstall it.  If you are not sure then check for any earlier versions of Java and uninstall them (add/remove programs).  Most computers now do not require Java installed as a separate program because any good program that requires Java has the plugin built into it.  Larne Computers no longer installs Java on any computers.  As usual if you want any advice please feel free to contact us on 02828279190.

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